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America hates…

Black people in this era need to experience life from another perspective thinking you are forgiven regardless whose at fought for the murders of our people, clearly, Amerikkka has an agenda that isn’t hidden. They are killing us in & out the fields dumping us like the trash they ARE. And we are being murdered for wanting justice, So here it is… The question they are asking as well. How many law enforcement officers have to die in retaliation before you stop killing us… The police might have the biggest force, but not for long when the people band together, becoming a force to reckon with just as many guns and ammunition as they have in their possession. The Mexicans aren’t stupid,they recognize they are next… Don’t forget Amerikkka our brown brothers are our related neighbors that’ll link with black people when push comes to shove… We lived & always have & do live together now… You will not divide us when muhfuckas like YOU people & YOUR TRUMP supremacist is fighting against BLACK & BROWN LIVES THAT MATTERS TO US. it’s you America, brought this racial WAR on yourselves trying to wipe out the black man & frame the brown man… You want to call us terrorist… When in fact, you are the TERRORIST… You muhfuckas even went as far to expose TRUMP CARDS during the 2016 Olympics in Rio, cycling competition, protesting while riding bike cycles… Now if that isn’t advertising terroristic hatred and violence indirectly you muhfuckas call it, what IS? AMERICA HATES…



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