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Love & hip-hop

This is exactly what I’m talking about, They shouldn’t have ever given you NIGGAS money… Look what they represent as niggas of color, airing out their ignorance on television like clowns in a fucken circus… Another level of court tv stupidity, Maury Povich and other shows where NIGGAS acts a fool for ratings… See,I bet their response & some of you stupid muhfuckas would reply with some shit that has no relevance pertaining to this category of stupidity… Yes, you niggas lower your standards and it pays… You are a product of what America has been claiming for decades… You, niggas, are middle-class ingrates with an income that allows you to let America exploit your everyday living to be recorded like monkeys in a cage. You niggas are studied for animal behavior patterns, experimental purposes… You are worse than caged animals where they are captured and want to go free and never to be seen again. Whereas you NIGGAS life is viewed publicly where everyone, every week, You niggas are contracted to be as stupid as you really are for all of America to witness true, real niggas… You, niggas, are clowns & foolish acting bitches for entertainment. Your master the WHITE PRODUCER plan is to find celebrity Niggas willingly to degrade themselves and disrespect the NEGRO women. Cameras, action once again taking part filming you paid monkeys. You’re right, muhfuckas! This shit ain’t real love… It’s dumb shit, no LOVE & associated with HIP-HOP.
Why not change the show from LOVE & HIP-HOP.




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