Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Fake muhf*cka!

I hear muhfuckas saying they GOT TO GET READY FOR CHRISTMAS. I recognize some of these muhfuckas personally ,they need to get ready for more than Christmas… Fuck that! My ass needs to be in better shape to keep paying these bills… I’m a grown man ain’t giving a fuck when some remediation muhfuckas ask me what do I want Santa to bring me… Who the fuck this bitch asking that stupid shit…
We didn’t fuck with Santa Claus as kids… My parents were our Santa, not some fat, white, nasty, infectious beard wearing muhfucka, trying to take credit for what our parents did Christmas… You see, even fairy tales, white folks want you to believe they are real & caring… Niggas need to learn the real meaning of this lying holiday.
Liars from birth. Just like Santa Claus, FAKE MUHFUCKA!





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