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Make dem babies black

White folks ,we are demanding, No discrepancies or walking on thin ice. Fuck hidden agendas nshit & made up cockamamie stories of what you desire to hear instead of the truth. BIRTH CONTROL PILLS & INSERTS TO INTERCEPT PREGNANCY… Fuck that! This shit was designed for black women to keep the BLACK BIRTH RATE DOWN. I know, you dumb muhfuckas say” white people consume it too” . Of course they do, they’ll sacrifice twenty of their own people, especially knowing they’ll get rid of thousands of you NEGROS muhfuckas… That’s the plan… Black people need to continue having babies to populate our BLACK RACE of people just as other .nationalities. We are some ignorant acting muhfuckas @ times when you need to realize why everything is for a purpose. Black people had the LOWEST birth rate because our youth is told to take precaution and wear contraceptives to prevent being MOTHERS & FATHERS, all while other races of people proceed to have FAMILIES. Check & Go over their plan, your Black selves are never implemented in any plan of progress. You aren’t to benefit as a people because you aren’t looked upon nor accepted as a people. Keep in mind ,we need black women & men to keep on…





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