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Beauty of a black woman

F*ck White America in RIO. Twitter & FB, social media talking shit about GREAT WOMEN IN GYMNASTICS. Can you believe this shit BLACK PEOPLE, white folks are talking about MISS GABBY DOUGLAS & SIMONE BILES hairstyles. It’s a cultural expression as if they would understand. You muhfuckas only understand the ritual shit you white Americans does on regular routine shit, like going to war, rape or stealing speeches, etc… White racist Americans are the most jealous human trash on the gotdamn planet. You muhfuckas boil every race of people on the planet blood. And overall you muhfuckas are the only ones that are unaware that you do. Stupid fucks! Because anything you can’t be a part of or be exactly like * Black people * We’re a threat to you… Here it is Black people representing a RACIST country ,where you muhfuckas NEED black blood to help bring the GOLD. You muhfuckas USED black people for your personal gain of whatever interest you,then you try to criticize black young women, competing on a level most of you can’t and won’t defend their good name and all their accolades they accomplished in this Fucked up racist nation… Here they are on team USA and you muhfuckas have nothing better to focus on other than their beautiful HAIRstyle…
I get it ,you muhfuckas are continuing to get distracted from realizing,



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