Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

No more muhf*ckas

Don’t pull this shit again, trying to clown black people like a Sambo nshit.
You’ll never see white folks trying this shit once more here in America publicly…. The confederate flag waving is close as its going to get before you try this shit in OUR FACES… This shit goes to demonstrate how deep hatred goes. White people have a fucked up way showing & meaning how they speak about “bridging the gap between racism” ,talking wishful bullshit how racial relations has improved… What gets my skin crawling is that they say that shit Gracefully & Proudly with conviction likes its honest talks… I know these muhfuckas see the results of BLACK INNOCENT PEOPLE BEING MURDERED. Then they question why people retaliated… You muhfuckas even pretend to act naive. It would amaze me anyone race of people can be that stupid.We know one thing for sure America, you will NOT display this shit and we will NOT ,tolerate this behavior NO MORE MUHFUCKAS!




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