Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


….for the greater of good, who are these muhfuckas referring to ? Surely not speaking on behalf of black people. To make America, great again can only mean one thing… Slavery and silly impressions & painting fake images of our people and culture… You muhfuckas in our faces making bold statements nshit using political forums & subliminal messages thinking we’re dumb and expect us to support your slogan ” MAKE AMERICA GREAT,AGAIN” .Black people aren’t your fucken Sambo’s nshit… We will not allow white America to make a mockery of our people because of your FUCKED UP ideology & stupidity… And America, definitely can’t say you’ve helped the black businesses, the results are proof, just as opportunities to having a black successful business in America, are second to none… How many black businesses in your community that’s successful without you having to pause trying to remember .This is real shit everyday thoughts of racist muhfuckas… very few white folks, hate to be honest about how they feel about black people, So don’t ask,just know it… No opportunity is equal in a land govern under RACISM.




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