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Hood historians

…plenty from my family along with those from my hood you PEOPLE didn’t know exist. My parents were two and a few of their friends scattered throughout the hood. Back to my parents, who helped kids to go to college, who made financial donations to Black organizations & etc. A graduate of the University of Southern California & Alumni also Ambassador. This is only a quick synopsis of who my parents were until death placed them apart. but I’ll stop here. In that respect, there are more from my hood of my era you may know of a few that’s available on Facebook daily, few being my friends from my hood & hoods around. It’s no surprise how many black conscious minds are teaching our people black awareness using platforms such as this one. But, you’ll never read about us in your public library no time soon or a statue of us who teach the wisdom of blackness standing in front of city hall. The hood has many black disciples that are black minded spirit filled in hoods near you with the knowledge of what it is & mean to be pro black and proud… Now, that is worth every piece of each black teacher, teaching blackness and its history of the past & now to be given an AMEN for those that knows the truth in agreement!
We are realistically HOOD HISTORIANS.




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