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I got this sh*t

America we live, because we are homed here like pigeons ,so we remain where we now call home. Africa is our homeland. I’m born African descended and put forward in America, not by choice, but enforced through birth because this country has been my nest all my life. A nest(temporarily) is a place you live until you can leave elsewhere… So, being black & born in America, Where do I go to live in a place I can call home?
Do I move to a land where I’m not accepted because I’m considering an American by other black people that hate Americans? And that we’re named after our slave masters too ? Do I stay in a country where I’m born & fight for change? I, as a black man & my people and their families before my arrival, they have earned a place and rights to live here in America. After all, this country was built by the lineage of my people. Africa is my & yours biological home by right… But I have a right to choose where to go and make a difference and start a Legacy to build my own in a nation within a nation populating it with black seeds too. America’s thieves aren’t stronger than Gods plan, even though they stole us and brought us here…
Sometimes you have to create something better with the hand you’re dealt… There’s always a chance to win where ever you are, then where you come from… I’m here muhfuckas, so get used to it… I GOT THIS SHIT!!!



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