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The hard truth.

Relationship advice, fuck that! There isn’t any, that’s worth repeating because couples fall right back into the same shit that gave them the reason for advice or therapy in the first place. In that respect, there are other issues pertaining human relations? Maybe, if muhfuckas can fix themselves, that could be a major factor of a start to fixing their relationship… You, me and no other muhfuckas are experts… Every muhfucka in a relationship got more or less and all sorts of issues, which is to be expected as humans…
I rather focus on something worth arguing than who loves who. You have sex for pleasure and still can’t seem to have a perfect relationship… The only perfect relationship IS with yourself ,nobody to hug or to feel any affection, it’s just you sitting in your four corner room staring @ the ceiling wonder what would it been like to have a perfect relationship.
But you being wise enough to know it’s no such thing, you find comfort in finding a good fuck with someone you enjoy momentarily. Then it’s goodbye until next time. You are content with the arrangement, so shut the fuck up!
That’s a reality nobody wants to believe. but it does exist… get laid & rest up. Go, with your day starting over in the morning, done deal.You muhfuckas can keep your love mate advice talks to yourselves and work on something that has a better chance to repair, that’s a potential reality. like a parent & a child relation that needs repairing.



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