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Ryan Lochte the liar

America’s  few swimmers and golden boy are LIARS, Lol. You see people White Americans did it. Again as they have all through history. Ryan Lochte, the LIAR, and other team members have tarnished America’s credibility with being what another swim team represents… I knew they were lying because it’s what muhfuckas like LOCHTE muhfuckas does… They can’t make America look worse than what she IS. The relationship between America & ALL the other countries is upset and in disbelief over everything this country have done ever since the police murders done onto black people in racist America, in front of the world to witness. Now you know what I’ve been saying is NOT a conspiracy… It’s REAL!!! The SWIMMERS LIED ,America owes the WORLD another apology… That remains to be seen. Americas own, the red,white & blue muhfuckas don’t apologize for shit… Welcome, witnessing the character of white America. The best example is in your faces. You just witness this lying muhfucka…



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