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Who is in hell ?

Where are the sinners after death ? Right now , though ? ! ” No sin goes unpunished ” “the wage of sin is death” So , If little Ms.Bectan , the serial killer is convicted , found guilty and put to death . Where did she go ? Heaven?!!! Here’s a thought , Ms. Bectan , parents are at the funeral service , the minister says ” no worries , She’s in heaven now ” Is this said to comfort her parents or is that the truth . So , people won’t get to hell until after god return to select who is going to heaven . Why return if everybody is already proceeding to heaven after their death . If God is gone to PREPARE a place that means it’s not complete . It’s said there isn’t a place of purgatory . So , where is everybody going other than the ground ? I’m merely saying , because , to this day , I haven’t heard anything yet .



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