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Support your ass…

No support. Sometimes you have to overlook one’s attitude.There are those that’s not going to render you any support, because of selfish reasons or cause they just don’t like you. On that point are those that doesn’t want to like what you’re doing to help certain situations that are good for a good cause and yet, they have no probable cause just because you’re you. How many people you know that didn’t support you in whatever endeavors you had and they knew it was for the same campaign, but refuse to acknowledge you, because they had some insane excuse that really was something stupid, which was nothing on your part their action was taken against you. People are loath to forget some things they struggle with in life are similar in the same sense you fight against. There are those just fuck up! For no reason just want to prove to you they acknowledge your work ,simply want you to know by not supporting you is supposed to let you know they rather say fuck you!



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