Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Fu*k Ryan Lochte

Good thing he isn’t BLACK. This lying muhfucka wants another chance. The American greatest liar wants sympathy, he’s asking his American Gods to forgive his bitch ass for fabricating HE GOT ROB… Muhfuckas! All three of them fiddling with each other in a gas station public restroom vandalizing property nshit,WHY??? Now America is finding a way to bring their OWN boy back into society because he’s sorry. This is a perfect example how America ignores the truth… White America is doing its best to save their all American lying boy… What the fuck is so hard to determine… The MUHFUCKA LIED.
Clearly, America is the MAMA BEAR protecting her CUB…
We see you, coward! FUCK RYAN LOCHTE.




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