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Greater love πŸ‘Œ

It’s a hard situation, to be in a relationship where you feel you aren’t deserving. Especially when you worked every angle finding every fiber in your body turning over EVERY leaf to help someone in the name of love… Look at that muhfucka thoroughly, evaluate are they worth the hat you wear. It’s freaking unbelievable how people hang in there for the sake of the other person, knowingly they require your support to function regardless the bullshit second rated shit comes out their mouths. People can see exactly the shit you don’t want them too. You aren’t sly or slick, only wicked because you decline to be civilized & unappreciative to the very people that help you… It’s a got damn shame how any muhfucka can’t see when they are blessed to have someone that care and shares all that they have to please you… First chance you get,run for a better future where you are appreciated for the kind human being you’ve been.Respectable & honest. This mean you are more than just GOOD. You’ve been a GREATER LOVE πŸ‘Œ



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