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Real rap

If real rap or hip hop today, was anything like the black conscious rap artists of yesterday like Krs1,Public Enemy, Poor Righteous Teachers & X-Clan ,white people wouldn’t be able to rap now & back then… But, when you got muhfuckas like Soulja Boy and some other nonsense, gibberish loud mouth muhfuckas, mumble jumbo bullshit. You allowed and invited other muhfuckas to fuck up the culture… Rap went from the real storytelling of ghetto life & poverty and positive outreach to White folk Tampon commercial bullshit. You, white boys, emulating making a farce out of black culture… Again, you see copycats and they aren’t black as usual. Then there go the niggas happy being niggas, who sell out for everything less than to focus being black conscious people… Look at you now ,its all for the money! Consumers left to purchase this racket of bullshit. It ain’t REAL RAP.



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