Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Sellout tv

Negro TV ,the extreme sellout shit. Not B.E.T. which was sold to white corporations, they figure they know what black audience want to watch. Now you have cable airing new shows every fucken month…
Every gotdamn thing new on TV with black actors have to make clown ,Sambo TV for the rest of the COONS to watch… White racist people & coons ass niggas believe this is good television… It’s fucked up! Everything that airs black TV shows are either GAY OR LESBIAN fucked up television, except Roland Martin… They even bring kids into this bullshit gay,lesbian couples marital sellout shows … Nothing positive! It’s no longer exciting to viewers, it’s must see black sellout television… Negros back on the media plantation waiting for a script. The next sellout bullshit… The only educational television for blacks is SELLOUT TV.



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