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Stupid mofo…

I don’t ASK muhfuckas questions on Facebook. Fuck surveys. You can’t ask a simple question without receiving idiotic answers. I was looking at my cousin timeline where he asks his friends how do they like his beard. Everybody practically answered simply, saying, Nice,good & etc shit…
And, so this one muhfucka says ” the question is , “how does the wife feel about it” . I was thinking to reply FUCK THAT! But,that’s my cousin page,not mine … It was a SIMPLE, fucken question without the need for you to ask his wife shit. An opinion ,nor a gotdamn explanation. Niggas always got to be extremely difficult nshit. Niggas gotta be seen more than heard, show off muhfuckas looking stupid nshit. Niggas, just won’t stick with simple instructions. STUPID MOFO…



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