Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

1958 & lower

If you can’t remember sharpening your pencil with a knife, then you’re too young to be an associate in our circuit. If you didn’t buy candy at half of the penny you are way too immature. If your parents didn’t cut you a sugar cane stalk ,you didn’t know the taste of hot summer fun. If you didn’t play four-square with the girls,you weren’t a genuine boy,Player! If you didn’t go to the store with a note with your parental consent to buy a pack of Winstons cigarettes, you weren’t a known neighbor in your hood.
If you couldn’t edge your grass with a square edge shovel, you weren’t a real gardener. How many times you rolled pennies to go swimming or recycled Mother Prize pop bottles for the cashed… To know these valuable lessons in life to appreciate things today,you had to be born at least 1958 & LOWER.



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