Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


Fake ass muhfuckas pretending they care so much, NOW! The memorials, I see unraveling acts of false love from those of deep concern. It’s the SO-CALLED love ones, bringing flowers & singing sad, moody songs by their grave sites in tears. All for the sake of love ,all of a sudden. They are gone & you have forgotten them, but claiming you haven’t, cause they were your “loved ones”, YOU SAY! I sincerely hope, you muhfuckas can live with yourselves after claiming how you loved that someone. Although you had less concern how you felt while they were alive. Look @ you muhfuckas, reminiscing over a long time love one you shared so much together, YOU SAY! Shit, not funny now, huh?! Nobody remembers you being close to those you say you loved, not at all. You didn’t share as much as a bag of popcorn, we were told… Now your ass has selective memory. I guess you don’t remember the loans & everything else you niggas borrowed nshit. But, you muhfuckas had that special LOVE & caring moments in your hearts, repeatedly, you told us! Yeah right! Fuck you and your fake ass MEMORIES.



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