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What I blog

Some of you told to stay aside from my page it’s obvious, but I understand why it’s okay, though they read my shit daily. I do value those that scrolls & stop before passing by . It’s not comfortable to associate yourself with me for others to see you’re probably in agreement with me, about something racial I blogged. I see you not standing up for the truth. I see niggas rejecting my SHIT every day, I don’t wonder ,knowing why people exist like that because, the fear of others seeing how you acknowledge the truth ,which causes lots of your chaos. You prefer to like and share and enjoy Bullshit vs. Truth . It’s a bullshit world ,bullshitted by bullshit people, that’s the honest bullshit truth. This is the only explanation why you muhfuckas aren’t allowed ,says your spouses and those you date . You are to only read, like & share social media BULLSHIT. Not! WHAT I BLOG.



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