Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


Trump & gang are about to release the harshest campaign ever, it’s going to be messier & a racist campaign in the history of anyone running for the presidency. It’s going to be bloody whereas the voters are going to war, everybody against white people… Watch, this campaign’s horror is not hard to foretell, if Trump is to win. Blood WILL be in the streets, Trump has social media on fire, Black people & Mexicans with all Spanish speaking people secretly joined as a unit. All black nationalities and all that lives in America are protesting against Trump & his followers until death, if necessary… To think black people isn’t ready to die before you bring ANY type slavery back, you muhfuckas are seriously mistaken. White people, as usual, will try to cease the violence until it’s too late as usual. It never fell. Watch when white people blood is spilled in the streets, you’ll discover the savages want to talk peace… White people have let Trump, hype them into a possible racial bloody war . This is world war 3… It’s only one candidate to blame. TRUMP  .




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