Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


… it’s coming here in the states and black people aren’t going to turn a loss. Simple prediction! You cannot expect black people are going to let ANY part of white America have her way fucking over black people… Everybody will go down to perdition. The only thing that’s going to block the majority of white people blood from being split is GOD himself, he would have to return before or during November.
White America don’t see the direction where this racial tension is going down… Nobody BLACK fears white people since slavery, especially these last 60 years. White people needs to acknowledge this SHIT!!! This is something black people have always been prepared FOR, white America wanting to kill us off. America thinks this is her opportunity. Wrong!!! You do recognize how great black people are at any obstacle that gets in our way.
Fuck TRUMP! It is he, that wants WW3.



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