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You not black!

You cannot extirpate the way wicked white people think… You can only enlighten those that’s concerned in learning the true history of black people. Africa, that’s our beginning on this earth and it’ll be our end… The spirit of black people, the DNA, and connection with our homeland is forever in you, blackness & greatness, everything African . Blackness is something design only for black people, being black isn’t just a color, though it does start there. This needed to be pointed out. White people are emulating black cultural & music thinking that shit is COOL when they misrepresent.CLOWNS,you not BLACK. There are things white folks can’t make a mockery of what’s connected to black people. White folks imitating rappers & EVERYTHING entertaining, and they deprive black people & others of acknowledging everything black people has created or invented. You can’t understand real BLACK conscious people ,rather it’s something simple for us, as rap music, I’m not talking commercial Soulja boy shit. White people, we give you that shit, purposely.
The struggle of being black isn’t something you wear a fucken gold chain thinking that signifies your acceptance nshit ,stereotyping black youth. Your experiences aren’t black, you can’t see or know what it is to be black. White people can only envision the exterior, but never ,the REAL meaning & beauty of black people. That, they’ll never understand.




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