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Ugly Betty

Officer Betty Shelby, Is a government, state issued murderer. She’s the latest expose white supremacist. The rules are the same, kill black people @ random. The speeches given after a murder will be the same…
This time, let’s not have the same reaction from the community. People, there are other strategies of justice in lieu. Black people are planning to handle issues of these black lives being murdered. It’s time to take other measures to prevent the masses from the murders of black people , while the F.B.I are STILL claiming they have ongoing investigations pertaining to black lives, that been murdered.
We already know AMERICA doesn’t care about black people, THAT IS TOTAL FACTS. Don’t start ASKING black people why are we combative . It’s self-explanatory. Murder can happen anywhere when people want revenge. It is a reaction to these cops killing black people.
This clearly looks like an act of racial war. Ask, UGLY BETTY.




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