Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

You don’t care

The government is depending on young black people not to vote, I don’t understand negros. Muhfuckas thinking your votes don’t count… It’s no way these Hillary Clinton, fans, democratic white folks are going to allow your vote not to matter,especially THIS ELECTION. If your vote has never counted ,this time, might make the difference and determine who’s elected. This is how much democrats dislike Donald Trump ,even though scores of them pretend they hate Donald. You have many democrats that perpetrate, who wants Donald in office bad as the republicans. Because both parties want to see black people back in chains, modern governmental ropes around the necks of black people. Niggas aren’t thinking, but pretends to be concerned about what’s going to happen to their asses… Many of you muhfuckas will lose jobs and homes, cars & etc… If Donald does win, you muhfuckas helped put him there, You were not concerned if your vote counted or not. YOU DON’T CARE.



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