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Kill Americas Economy

Black people, be careful more than you ever demanded to watch your back. It’s open season on black people.
Rumors have it , saying white supremacist has orders to kill on sight. The law is hired the gunman, the target is YOU… America is TESTING you to see how long we are going to continue to see can they provoke you into a bloodbath of war ,hand to hand combat. This is crucial to their strategy.
Black people best defense against Americas plot is A MAJOR BOYCOTT across America!!! This would pressure a shut down overseas imports too. Shut down American corporations, black people WILL watch the economy hurt in the worst way ready to rewrite terms of policy. This is the ONLY way you can fight to get your FIRST win. No fucken march or sitting down during a song that never was meant for black people is going to change shit, especially when these muhfuckan BLACK athletes are still filling the seats . That shit is backward!!! DON’T PLAY!!! And the BLM movement will not continue to be disregarded. Stop shopping & buying in WHITE PEOPLE establishments. Period!!! That’s when they’ll experience how much you matter. Anything else is uncivilized.



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