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Facebook spirits

No disrespect intended for families & whatever friends I hold. But during the course of my blog, if you are in any way fucked up about what’s said, well, you know how I feel what most of you think. I don’t talk to dead people, I don’t write to those living in the afterlife. I’m not unaware of what is distinguished as “real life images”, Ghost!!! Connecting or crossing over to the other side. I don’t get regular visits from living dead, supposedly there are such people. I guess it’s pretty cool when I see someone posts a letter of endearment to the dead and buried. And I’m able to read their full story, it’s awesome. It gets no better to identify and communicate with the dead, I’m sure of it,as an outsider looking inward the minds of those who sees beyond.
This what I’ve been told, what is FACEBOOK SPIRITS.




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