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Ms. Steinburger

I remember one or 2 of my teachers changing my perception of teachers. It may have been my age and the things I knew tho… who knows..
But I remember one of my teachers in the 7th grade, mostly because she was a very young girl, white with blonde bouncy, hair… very nice and sparky … But most of all.. She was a cry baby
If we got on her nerves (not me) too much, she’d start crying. Of course the kids would tease THE TEACHER and call her a cry baby ..and “WHY YOU ALWAYS CRYIN?” type shit, but it made me realize, thru her efforts of trying to make us happy, and make us learn… that some teachers really cared, and maybe she was a cry baby but so what
I had felt like I was in one of the various white school teacher, in the minority classroom- movies, that hadn’t came out yet.
I made up my mind that I would never disrespect her again. I (not on purpose) became her favorite student. I was kinda like Matilda and her teacher. She always had special things for me. I was glad she noticed that I wanted to be obedient , considering I was a very…….. “Do what I want” type of kid ….
anyways… Whatever .. I talk a lot and I’m sleepy *shrug*

This was a good true story tho 😆😇



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