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I believe we live!!!

We leave here on to another place, I’m a believer of life after here… It’s true!!! I wasn’t a believer until my mother passed away. At the beginning of her appearance, I thought I died in a dream and I tried to wake from the dream. My mother came to me and told me I need to handle my business, NOW!!! And take charge of yourself.
Listen, I’m not an honest man of God whereas I’m a church boy or in the church, but I believe there is a god. I’m not a religious guy, but I possess a belief to know he exists. I watched my mother as she stood before me and talked for a minute the first time, and two other visits, the last visit was serious and sad because she said to me, “she won’t be returning”. I kept trying to ask her questions, but no answers, she was only telling me what she wanted me to know… She said, “boy grow up, I have to go”. I rush to ask WHY, but nothing. She kept fading until she was gone. I BELIEVE WE LIVE!!!



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