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If you can’t trust in the guy you picked, telling you what’s good for you, or telling you “what to do”… You’ll forever end up with men that you disrespect, or call “soft”, because you don’t feel he’s a “real man”
but you picked him. ….
Someone may ask, why ? Why do you pick these men?….
And it’s essentially because you can’t handle a “player”….
a player is not necessarily a cheater…
A player knows how to play life, how to maneuver thru and use his God given sense and gets what he wants..
But that’s TOO much for some women because they’re too scared…
they say they want boyfrens but they really want a girlfren
….. hence the women who end up with Obvious (in the closet) gay men…
And the lady is the only one who “can’t see” that they’re in a friendship and not an intimate relationship…
Hence the abusive woman who’s always telling the MAN SHE PICKED, that she’d sock him in his mouth or actually do it .. Etc etc.
hence the women who “doesn’t need a man”…..
Because she probably doesn’t know one
And WONT ALLOW one to tell her a thing….

because she runs shit! Right ? Right

I had this conversation last night with a girl.

and all I wanted to know was “why would you insult and disrespect a man that YOU picked, then expect intimacy and respect, or even a little adoration out of him?”
Not saying he didn’t deserve it…
Sayin that, as women… we have a big responsibility and it’s a challenge, but you have to accept the challenge to always be bigger than the situation and try to recognize what’s missing when there’s an issue.

My dad told me to never let a man turn me into a bitch …. And even tho I KNEW this, it made SO much sense when I heard it out of his mouth.
So don’t be a bitch. It’s never justified
And being “soft” doesn’t mean you allow disrespect or disregard…
It means you’re a LADY…. What you were born to be .
SOFT….. Like an old lady …
You see how long it took some women to be soft? They’re old ladies now.
Let’s try it now ✨


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