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I’ll be alright.

It’s a bit touchy when a muhfucka tell you, “it’ll be alright”, especially when tragic occur. They’ll say, “give it to god”. The harsh reality is when the shit is to a point of no recurrence. Fuck words of encouragement & possibilities, muhfuckas need the hard facts, the truth!!! I understand kind gestures and fake concerns from others saying ” let me know what can I do, I’ll be there”. well, that’s cool, but it ain’t worth a damn when you lose a loved one… Let my healing process start with the truth. Fuck the bullshit… Tough love is real life shit. People respect your truth, more than words of kindness. Face the reality of all that matters… Don’t rub my back and say “it’s going to fine”. No, it ain’t, but knowing the truth and facing what’s in front of you is exactly the remedy that’s needed to get you through. Then, I’LL BE ALRIGHT.



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  1. Anonymous said:

    real talk

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