Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

ultimately, subconsciously (or consciously) … we feel that we’re better than the people we judge. I could leave it there but….
I’ll go on to say: most of the things we judge people on…. is always equivalent to something that we, ourselves, got going on…… and if you don’t think so, ask God
We suffer from the white man complex..
a superiority defect and we’ve all been socially programmed…
but on the inside… way back there behind your huge ass ego, standing there like a slave master, big and bad and ready to show out because we all subconsciously or consciously want our “15 minutes”…..
you know better …

But we show out…
we think that’s what this is all about
we need attention like a toddler..👧🏽👦🏾

I’m sure you get the picture 📸✨
God keep us. Good morning


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