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What do you do?

I always tell the kids “give me a reason to be staring at you, you need all this attention but where’s the show, find a reason. Find something to do. Give people a good reason for wanting to stare at you. Don’t just require so much attention for NOTHING. What is it that you do?”

this applies to attention whores. Everybody yearning for their “15 minutes” but the show is bullshit.

I’ve never seen so many narcissistic people, whom require so much attention for all the NOTHINGNESS they do.

You could at lease have a substantial vernacular. You could at least have something worth saying. You’re the worst for wanting everybody to stare at you, damn near praise you… all for nothing. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DO? what do you do????

Who are you?

Oh “I’m just a girl, oh look at me” no doubt, Gwen Stephanie head ass wench….

and you niggas might as well come out that closet. Borderline homosexuals.


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