Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

“easy for you to say”

We listen live to muhfuckas using social media, especially famous people, celebrities nshit. These are people either made it from hard work or LUCKY discoveries. Or the lazy muhfuckas that inherited shit and has NO talent, just major influence by way of a parent actor/actress in the business. You see them in their unique setting acting unappreciative, bitching about irrelevant shit, meaningless to the ordinary common people who get their kicks following celebrities lives.
Fuck easy streak muhfuckas, that philosophy simple quotes to simple people who expects an edge or a break to make it big. You thinking it’s easier but knowingly it’s a challenge, better than poverty. It might benefit you to know & learn how they got it, instead of stuck in the aftermath how their living. Pursue your dream, that’s what most successful muhfuckas says. But that’s shit. “EASY FOR YOU TO SAY”



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