Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


TRUMP, is already accused of allegedly raped a woman and haven’t been in office one week. No, I dare not to believe there is an ongoing investigation, I can envision what they mean making America great.
The life & history of making a racist WHITE AmeriKKKa great again. The other grand wizard, Donald Klan Trump & family with a few tag along token niggas like Ben Carson, Ray Lewis and the newest coon, Steve Harvey. These niggas are used to lure black people out, onto their master’s scheme of things.
Trump can’t BUY real black African people to fetch for him and enslaved our minds. Today’s black man is only an ancestor of slavery, not to be mistaken nor to be single out as a token nigga, slave or coon. You have them already… The O.J’s Simpsons & Kanye West niggas of AMERIKKKA.




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