Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I hear sh*t.

The wage of sin is death… Yet, Donald Trump is in office. Satan has cast himself UP from the conditions of hell bringing it among us all… He walks among the FEW good white folks & black African people in Amerikkka without fear of his own peers as a threat to him.
We experience how people in all countries & languages feels, what’s been rumored pertaining to the controversial elect president that stolen office, Oops! My bad, I meant sworn in office. It’s early to guess the resultant of this forged BAD dream of what was supposed to be something more realistic than this and what Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING described his dream. This living nightmare, the Trumps & Klansman, the Armageddon waiting to materialize. People waiting for the destruction of something bad to happen to think it’s good, could be the worse for you. These are your thoughts rumored.






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