Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Social media junkies

Fuck Facebook, put your phone down for at least thirty minutes to complete something else. All you muhfuckas are nothing but messy, ignorant and stupid junkies thinking you’re missing the latest bullshit somebody posted. Most of you aren’t using Facebook for something productive because it is the useless and pointless shit that attracts you because you are part of everything every day & meaningless. You are the worst muhfuckas YOU know. Bull Shit is your daily goal to suppress. Go scroll through your timeline far as you can, you’ll see quotes you copied because you aren’t original. You’ posted dumb, stupid shit of others and sickening shit for entertainment. You are indecent muhfuckas and unclean just by looking at the background in your selfies you post. Most of you ARE fakes pretending to be something you’re not. People know you fake fucks. You can’t hide from what we already experience, you are SOCIAL MEDIA JUNKIES.




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