Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Degrading but loved

State what you want Black people to the other colored people, Negros & Niggas, when it comes to listening to TODAYS music the NASTIEST and most DEGRADING shit ever, it sells and Hoes or correct spelling WHORES love it. And as they refer to themselves as Hoochie Mamas & street hood bitches, they love the most degrading lyrics and provocative clothing nshit, these are the niggas who contain the mindset “the modern day slave mentality”. These unconscious Negros, so-called wannabe pro-black women, (aka)Niggas will shake, twerk and sing-along with their FAVORITE artists with an ungodly way of PRIDE although he IS singing about you.
This is where the minds of so many of our adult females have been directed to accept this gutter lifestyle because the Negro men are advocates of such behavior.
No regard for each other so the NEGRO men & women turn to others outside their own into a relationship they believe is better than what was GOD GIVEN. This isn’t the behavior of REAL BLACK people. Negative influences!!!
However it originated, the shit is DEGRADING BUT LOVED.



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