Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Sh*t ain’t cute

…you muhfuckas are some kind of funny @ times knowingly we tolerate your stupidity alone with the ridicule & ignorant comments thinking you are better than others. Straight off, let’s look at you muhfuckas for a QUICK moment, YOU ALL AIN’T SHIT believing you can look down on anyone when your life is totally fucked up. Especially, you messy bitches as if you’re on a pedestal to be glorified as the” baddest bitches” Oh yeah, by the way, that shit is degrading also, classifying yourselves as dogs, that only lets us know YOU are BITCHES. Think first before your comments believing you earned popularity or smiling emojis as if we’re in agreement with your STUPID asses. People see you broken down bitches for who you really are, NOT fooling nobody.

Image result for STUPID BITCHES


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