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Big girls overdo it

I say yes to big women are beautiful as well, but let’s not get carried away because not every muhfucka is physically attractive. So don’t go spreading your fat ass groove all over tarnation Nshit. Let us walk with the today’s modern, confident fat girl. Big women have found new life, how to heighten their ability to feel and believe they are more than attractive internally. I concur with lots of big, bold & beautiful women, but like the smaller woman, the bigger women get big headed at times also. I too observed big women after watching them getting these now designer haircuts and manicures & upgrade clothing for bigger women.
Alright, I get it big women, but whopping your asses side to side wearing extremely large cut off daisy dukes, that isn’t a pretty sight nor tight, thin soles stilettos. It’s not a good look for nobody’s eyes and paper thin cheap low cut bikini tight blouses, that’s a fucken disgrace to the decent beautiful looking big women that wear appropriate “sexy” clothing that doesn’t expose slabs of chest bacon. There is a place and lane for all size people men & women, but to purposely look ridiculous as if you didn’t know, come on now!!! Stop it already. You BIG GIRLS OVERDO IT.
Image result for fat girls daisy dukes
…Sly Cain

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