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Dance & buy booties

…for starters, I think back to when you couldn’t manufacture fake asses and white people couldn’t dance at all. It all happened thanks to social media and professional daring surgical cosmetologists. Hello, don’t forget to thank the popularity and talent of black people that white people been blessed because they now are able to view US all over the WORLD WIDE WEB.
I state all this because of all the continuation of hatred upon black folks is getting worse and white folks are STILL at the helm of racial division. It’s the craziest shit in today’s society then you realize how everything black people does, white people COPY.
White folks will go as far to look like black people by reconstructing their bodies.
The entertainment world applies so much pressure on white people that they’ll change their mannerisms to act & look like black people,
then learned to DANCE & BUY BOOTIES.

fake ass

…Sly Cain

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