Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Four years

It’s a possibility it’ll happen again! Trumpy back at the helm. This is to show the non-believers Trumpy’s AmeriKKKa, is doing everything to bring slavery back. Trumpy senses his chance is better running another term because these niggas aren’t progressing enough, not wanting to take care of themselves. We are killing ourselves more than white people. We’ll retaliate with each other using weapons, but start a protest after outsiders kill us. Trumpy, he knows niggas of color & Negros are advocates for peace talks when white folks kill black folks.
Trumpy knowingly Negro preachers across America will uphold the Martin Luther King Jr, nonviolent teaching, whereas we know nothing will be done in the name of justice until all black people are dead. We, need to remember Malcolm X teachings against the conservative white supremacist, along with regular hateful white folks who feel a sense of urgency, to get rid of all people of color. Trumpy supporters are gaining momentum, they’re more confident today. That is a more dangerous mentality of racism! They are ready to fight and die for their AmeriKKKa.
They believe another term of FOUR YEARS.



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