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I watch this guy when he interviews black people like the good brother Lord Jamar. A guest on youtube, Vladtv. He’s a regular guest and strong well-spoken black man. He’s no sell-out! Regardless of Vlad ridiculous questions at times. I’m not hating on Vlad, I just think, Vlad needs to walk lighter when questioning certain black guest. Lord Jamar, he knows real hip-hop, rap music, and other social topics when it comes to black entertainment. It’s black culture first!
It started as black conscious music, political & poverty! Hood life, truth & lies. It’s a survival from black folk perspective. Today’s rap music is rhetoric, about money & degrading women and materialistic bullshit. Don’t tell me the history of rap music because you know a few black rappers, and you’re not of the black experience. The hard-core truth about black rap music versus white people is only listeners to rap, and not fully understanding the real theme of rap music. You have to be black to understand the black experience & struggle of black people problems in America.
White people can listen to rap & be a rapper, but they’ll never know what is being a real black rapper. Just because you were told and see what you think it is, you can’t know just because you have a black guest that knows rap culture. We love conscious, mindful brothers like Lord Jamar. So, guess again Vlad… You won’t understand asking a million questions, VLADTV.


…Sly Cain

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