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The Facebook clan, a place where everybody just praising each other as if, this is some sort of religious asylum. its everybody, you are confident and uplifting pillars of the facebook community. All fucken do-gooders. The clan like displaying dinner, desserts and offering recipes along with dining invitations. You would think we’re attending an online family reunion. Facebook clan hates constructive criticism. They feel safe in a forum where everybody pretends to be social friendly.
It’s a hiding place where prayers go up and wicked sins are rebuked. It’s a fake small forum of a church! Now, the truth!!! Most of you muhfuckas don’t know each other. And most of you that do know each other post half the shit for a false show. Everybody knows your asses… Y’all some bold fucken imposters.
Shit! It thrills the hell out of me. I view and smell more bullshit on Facebook, then a cow patch full of shit. Facebook clan, give yourselves a standing ovation for being the biggest bullshit group of people I’ve ever witnessed.


…Sly Cain

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