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I’ve known many black men on top, that still help their residential districts to make sure black people are the priority. Today we got these newborn & old AmeriKaNegros, that pretend to care, and do very little, just enough to keep you begging, hungry and in debt. These AmeriKaNegros claims they’re in your best interest. All you have to do is open your eyes look across the boardroom, how many black people you see participating in the AmeriKaNegros expo. It’s always that one homeboy, and one token AmeriKaNegro, everyone else is white.
Niggas claim to help, but the first to cut you off. And proud to see you without anything. If, that’s not true, where is the commitment, the promise & loyalty? I’ll tell you where, with white corporate America, and its AmeriKKKans. AmeriKaNegros be promising black, African American people results they’re not planning to deliver on. African American people are watching you! Black people must do for black people.
Not the brainwashed intellectual AMERIKANEGROS.

…Sly Cain

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