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It’s all bullsh*t

Social media, for people feelings of tenderness. The nest, for cushy people, who can’t handle constructive criticism. A place where people are afraid of truth & consequences. Social media, where crybabies find adopted guardians who’ll listen to their cries. I read people comments who defend other whining, joy happy mufuckas! This is a world of mass destruction, filled with kids murdered by psychotic kids. And diabolical parents that are trafficking their children for profit.
People are sabotaging our human resources, water & food. Nobody speaks about these issues, maybe too scared they might get blamed. Everybody is nervously wondering, who’s to finger who. This precisely, why nothing gets resolved. You muhfuckas pretending your life is perfect, then tell yourselves, so why get involved. You ain’t shit, the muhfuckas next to you ain’t shit. And where your social gatherings are held, the muhfuckas there aren’t shit. IT’S ALL BULLSHIT!


…Sly Cain


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