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AmeriKKKan cops

Cops in America! I’m addressing all cops who BEATS black people for recreational purposes. Cops that are UNLAWFUL! Its white cops the POTUS empowered! And using hate rallies for racist cops that are sworn in, but only to abuse an oath, to kill black people. Especially our black youth! This just one method of AmeriKKKa’s rule of genocide, along with spreading control substances in black communities.
America is guilty of crimes since the arrival of evil Anglo-Saxons existence. White people scream racism, when in fact they initiate violence against black people around the country, EVERY day.
A new generation isn’t going to condone unlawful behavior from racist cops. A change is brewing, that’s going to generate the attention this country has not seen yet. The POTUS needs to be aware, he & his posse aren’t the only ones planning to alter the mindset of white supremacist, AMERIKKKAN COPS.

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…Sly Cain

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