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Fu*k & go to bed

You say “your man cheat”. Women say “all men cheat with other women “. Then, if that’s true, then just as many women cheat too. He’s cheating with cheating women. Its married women prefer to screw with a married man. A married man doesn’t discriminate against single or married women. Nowadays they all cheat with same-gender partners. What the fuck with all this everybody fucking everybody including animals. Orgies, open marriages, and swingers. Dominatrix nshit! Lastly, it’s in the got damn anal for sex. All these types, cheats, with each other. Fuck all you weirdoes. God is showing signs more frequent these days. Like me, he’s bored of you uncontrollable sex maniacs. What happened to honest old fashioned fucken. Lay down or bend over then a bit of kissing, sucking, touchy-touchy & feely feel nshit?

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…Sly Cain

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