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Water bug

Today, I stomped a giant water bug, then grind it into the carpet. Afterward, it escapes!!! I know a water bug from a cockroach muhfuckas. I don’t have cockroaches, they are an embarrassment. It’s more leisurely to say it’s a water bug than a well-known nasty cockroach that’s on a mission to get inside your house. It’s not acceptable!
The motherfucker has invaded your territory. It’s a terrorist! Therefore it must die. If a water bug gets away, you probably will catch it later, hopefully! But, a got damn cockroach, you must hunt that muhfucka down with a vengeance. And because of its pesky reputation, take no chances, kill it on-site, make no mistake about it. I wasn’t wearing my glasses.
So, I believe and want it to be a WATER BUG.


…Sly Cain


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